Spiderscharge offering Power Bank Sharing Services now through the Mobile App

SpidersCharge, the well-known mobile phone rental station has now recently come up with an Android application for the convenience of the users and its various customers. You can get the application downloaded on your Android or iOS devices as the application is available in both the Google play store and the App store. You can simply put a request for the mobile phone rental station right at your convenience and a book a port for charging your device at your fingertips.

Difficulties Of Using Power Banks

Having a power bank may sound like a cool idea. But it actually brings along quite a lot of hassles.

So, here is a look at some of such hassles to understand about switching to a much better option.

You should be taking care of charging the power bank all by yourself.

You need to be carrying the power bank and its cables all along with you to stay powered.

You can only be able to charge your phone twice or thrice max.

If you are going on long journeys or travelling for a long time, then you can’t rely entirely on power banks    as they don’t have such power to power your devices for so long and so many times.

We are covering all the prime location across the country, you can easily find us near to your location. We have tied up with the merchants so that users will get rewards when they visit their place and so you are.

Spiders allow users to the closet spiders location along with your place name on an app and show the path to your store.

Spiderscharge offers fully automated power banks at the charge stations that allow the customers to power up their devices without any hassles and get the devices back on work.

Need For Spiderscharge

According to Apple, we unlock our mobile devices about 80 times a day. That is, once every 10 minutes And as a direct consequence, this practice results in a drain of the batteries. When you are spending more time at one place its oblivious you will use more your mobile some time for work social media or kill your spare time by playing games on mobile, Suppose you are in Shopping mall and waiting for your friends and you pass the time by using WhatsApp, Facebook or any other activity on mobile and then you are running of your battery and more then enjoying at shopping mall you are worrying about dead mobile phone.

How we found the solution?

We propose a situation that we are sure has happened to you on more than one occasion, For example when you arrive at the airport, either to take a flight or to take a connection flight. At the airport, you want to spend your waiting time in something but… your mobile is running out of battery!  A common problem that seems to have a simple solution: charging your smart phone, tablet or laptop. But how to do it in a simple way and without exposing our phones to be stolen while charging ? Well, this is where our mobile charging vending machines come to the scene.


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