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Who we are

Spiders Charge is the Ultimate Power Bank sharing solution that offers you more Versatile Freedom than ever Before, in Easley Steps You can take a power bank from any of our stations globally or Even any Nearby, you only need to download the APP and a locate all of or locations from The Spiders App Map.


Why Spiders Charge

Spiders charge idea comes from very common experienced Problem bettery low that comes with frequent mobile usage. We are providing solutions to the people at very resoanable and easy available power bank sharing machines on most common places where people spend more time

How It works

The application is very simple to use in easy steps given below

-> Download applicaiton from Google play store & App store for Iphone users

-> Top up with minimum subsciption Fee ( Regional currency)

-> Subscribe your 1 year membership plan

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Become a Member of Spiders Network

Subscribe for one year service

Subscribe with one time amount for 1 year and enjoy spiders unlimited power bank sharing network totally free in your subscription period.

Access our extensive Power bank sharing platform through the Spiders app, available on both Apple and Andriod. Spiders app allows users to find the closest Spdiers stations, available at all Shopping malls , Cinema, Universities.

You no longer need to carry around bulky power banks or panic when you have a low battery percentage or reduce mobile usage.


Upcoming Spiders Locations

we are covering all major public locations around the world

Our Location Partners

The Avenues Kuwait

Trolley Kuwait

Bon Coffee

Black Joe Coffee